Veggie Feast

Thanksgiving didn’t always used to mean turkey. Way back when the pilgrims were still getting acquainted with Plymouth Rock and the natives, Thanksgiving was about the harvest. That means celebrating the crops that allowed them scratch out a living in the New Worlds. Sadly, those worthy crops have fallen by the wayside in our Thanksgiving priorities, somewhere below turkey, football (Hook’em), pumpkins, turducken (click,  it’s worth it), and mom’s delicious stuffing. Yum.

But as good as that sounds, there should always be room for the harvest at any real feast. So in sticking to our roots (and not our ribs), we’re laying out a half-decent, turkey, duck and chicken-free feast.

If that plea isn’t enough to get you past the turkey, all out pity is my last resort. Feast your eyes on this little video, courtesy of media darling, the one and only Sarah Palin.

All jokes aside, animal abuse is a serious issue. The New York Times’ “Well” blog, which more than once has been my inspiration, coveres the issue with regard to avoiding turkey.

Which leaves us with the alternatives. The above mentioned Well lays out some food options full of veggie delight and free of guilt. There are plenty of other options around too. If a simple grilled cheese isn’t your thing, The Veggie Table lays out a full course meal just for you. Who can say no to some pumpkin soup, buttermilk biscuits and spanakopita (you’re going to have to click to find out, don’t look at me). Don’t feel too bad about the pumkin (and/or pecan) by at the end, there’s plenty of time to count carbs and swim it off with Garrett next month.

Ultimately, Thanksgiving is about family, not food. So eat what your heart desires, watch some games and have a good time. But if you don’t feel like chugging down some turkey, know there’s an alternative out there. Bon appetite.


4 Responses to Veggie Feast

  1. Leigh. says:

    101 cookbooks is one of my favorite blogs for finding cooking inspiration. I love Heidi Swanson’s twists on classics. Great post!

  2. This is a great way to have a different type of Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not really into eating a lot of meat but everyone else in my family is. I think I might try to convince them to have more options from The Veggie Table, on next Thursday.

  3. msherfield says:

    Glad to see you liked it Leigh. Personally, I’m all about the turkey, but I’m always glad to give people an option for something new.

  4. Grant says:

    If only they could give us the Turkey with less tryptophan!! I mean I love turkey, but no matter what, I just want to nap afterward. Either that or they could take that tryptophan and use it to sedate the turkeys before we kill them!

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