Cassandra Hernandez

I am a UT Austin student majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Communication Studies: Human Relations. I love the different fitness options that Austin has to offer as well as the array of organic foods. My focus for the blog will be fitness events and places to exercise in North Austin. If you would like to contact me, my email is CassandraHdz AT mail.utexas.edu.

Michael Sherfield

Like my fellow bloggers, I am a journalism student at UT is Austin, where I have to try very hard to avoid byciclists and joggers everytime I drive, because they are everywhere, seriously. Anyway, I also work for the Daily Texan, where I cover the UT football team, and always seem to be running into various athletes, thus making me a fitness expert.
I’ll be focusing mostly on sports and fitness with my posts, and feel free to email me at msherfield9@gmail.com.

Austin Ries

To add some diversity to the group, I am a journalism major at UT Austin where I spend most of my day writing and walking across the marvelous Forty Acres. I also write for The Daily Texan and while I am not as much of a celebrity journalist like my colleague Michael, I write Big 12 Football and the occasional Texas football story. I also work for Rec Sports and will be spending most my time covering that area including fitness and overall health of the students and community members at the different facilities. If you are interested in a aspect of Rec Sports, or anything related to fitness in Austin email me at austin.ries@gmail.com

Lonny Alfred

I am in my final semester as a multimedia journalism student at UT Austin. But more importantly, I am an avid group fitness class attendee. I’ve always been an active person. I played soccer for three years in high school, one year of high kicking on the football field, and have participated in a ton of IM sports here at UT-My IM soccer team, Kusa, dominated in our last match with a 7-1 victory- So yeah, we rape. Contact me at lcalfred@gmail.com if you ever have any questions or wanna share blogrolls.


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