Rec Sports During the Break

December 7, 2009

To keep you informed and ready for anything and everything Rec Sports, you have to know about reduced hours and class schedules. 

As I sit in Bellmont 348 at the moment watching one person stretch on the mat, it plagues me to think about why this facility is open instead of the Rec Center at 6 am, but nonetheless, it has given me a chance to blog. The reduced hours started this Saturday and run through January 17 (the day before spring classes start). 

Bellmont, Anna Hiss and the Rec Center do have significant closings because of holidays, but have no fear. Gregory Gym is only closed December 24, 25, 31 and January 1 so you will still have a gym if you are sticking around Austin for the holidays. 

You can check out the hours for finals, December, Christmas, New Years and January here.

Also remember that cycling and TexCercise classes are different too. Check out the hours here and here.  

And for all of those seniors out there that just graduated let me say congratulations. Now, make sure to take advantage of these free facilities while you still have the chance. After Tuesday December 15, all graduates are no longer allowed into Rec Sports facilities without purchasing a membership or a guess pass — and those are $10 a pop.

Consider this your friendly reminder before I have to throw you out of a facility for a faulty membership. Well, I won’t throw you out but I really can’t let you in, so make sure you use this time wisely.


I Never Knew That Was There

November 5, 2009


For all of you thrill-seeking, ghost-loving Halloween fanatics, I know the sacred day of the dead has come and gone for another season but fear not. There is still a place on campus to get you thrills of the paranormal while also increasing the heart rate.

Its the one of the oldest buildings on campus, built in 1931 for a whopping $400,000, nestled on the edge of the Forty Acres where students can go for other activities besides lifting weights. And if you don’ mind the squeaky sounds or eerie lorckerrooms, its a magical place to dance, play basketball or even shoot in the archery range (if you are a member of the club team of course).

Just avoid in the summer. No AC in the gyms.


Anna Hiss Gymnasium was named in 1974 after historical UT faculty member and Director of Physical Training for Women, Anna Hiss. In fact, His was in charge of planning the construction of the building and believe it or not, it was long considered model architecture throughout the nation.

The gym was originally built to meet the needs of female students and specialized in activities interesting to only women. Now, the facility has two basketball courts for patrons to play basketball, volleyball or dodgeball, two dance studios, a hallway for table tennis and an archery range.

Now I don’t want to sound like a complete loser for saying its scary, but put yourself in my shoes at 10 o’clock  at night, all alone locking up the building. The lights flicker, doors squeak and there is always the lurking thought of the demolished natatorium and filled in swimming pool.

Besides that it is a great place to shoot some hoops if you feel subpar at Gregory or the Rec Center. And the archery range in the lower floor always leaves the imagination wandering to a possible attack from deranged archers. Of course this will never happen, but what if?

So if you are brave enough and fit enough to walk out to almost Dean Keaton and Speedway, stop by Anna Hiss for a look into UT’s history and a quick game of basketball.

Just don’t go downstairs.

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