The Iron Gym

November 30, 2009

During a late night Walgreens run for jelly beans and energy drinks with my roommate, we stopped at the “Seen on TV” section to browse through the plethora of intriguing items that are supposedly available only through TV ads. Next to the Slap Chop and Sham Wow was the Iron Gym, the all-in-one workout machine that promised “BIG” results.

Naturally, the jacked model on the box gave off a glimmer of hope for a simple workout I could do from the comfort of my living room where I could in theory do pull ups, push ups, dips and sit ups with one simple machine. Twenty dollars later, it was out of the box and quickly assembled to begin the vigorous workout and quest for muscular definition. 

I’m gonna need a few more days.


The Pull-up 

Hands down the most valuable part of the Iron Gym. Realistically, I could easily do the other exercises at my house with ease but a quality pull-up bar is not something you can find lying around. You can do wide grip, reverse grip and close grip pull-ups to get that sexy V-shaped torso for beach season. A good series is three sets of as many reps as you can complete. For me it was 10, then seven then five. Rest about a minute between sets and always remember to drink water or some sort of recovery drink. 






The Push-Up

Of course you can easily complete pushups without the Iron Gym but it does provide some extra height to go deeper for more range of motion and it gets your hands off the ground to lessen the strain on your wrists. Do three sets of 15 with a minute rest in-between.







The Dip

Quite possibly the worst part of the Iron Gym. You don’t get any range of motion and it is much better to use two chairs or a chair and the couch to get quality dips. I did three sets of 15 but honestly it didn’t really do much. 





The Sit-Up

Another pointless feature of the Iron Gym for a couple of reasons. First you have to brace it on the door frame and it really doesn’t hold very well and second, you can’t put a lot of pressure on it with your feet. I suggest doing away with it for the abdominal workout and stick to basic crunches. 




In all, the only nice feature of the Iron Gym is the pull-up bar and maybe the push-up feature because it takes strain off your wrists. I’m going to need a few more weeks to diagnose the full worth of it but I do like the pull-up bar.