Inevitable Intramurals

With over 90 percent of the student body at UT participating in the Division of Recreational Sports, most have played or have known a friend that has played on an intramural sport team. Whether it is flag football, soccer, basketball or softball, they are all great ways to stay active, fit and meet some new friends along the way. 


The program at UT started in 1916 and is one of the oldest in the nation. And forget about the IM fields, Gregory or Clark field existing. The original sports of baseball, basketball, track, handball and tennis took place in the basement of the main building and were of course strictly male. 

Of course women are now welcome to play all sports thanks to our good friend Anna Hiss , who we learned about earlier, with more than 100 team and individual events every year. 

“I started playing intramurals as a freshman and it really is resposible for some of my best memories as a student,” senior Turner Thornton said.” “I made great friends and got to keep playing sports past high school even though I’m not a student athlete.” 


The Mecca and prize for all athletes participating in is of course an intramural championship and the iconic T-shirt that is handed out to the winners of every league. 

“We won co-ed basketball my sophomore year and it was so much fun,” senior Megan Clark said. “I still wear the shirt every-time its clean.” 

Intramural sports are also an opportunity for freshman to get involved and create memories in their first year, even if they don’t really know everyone on the team. 


“I’m 6-foot-8 so I’ve gotten recruited by a bunch of basketball teams already,” freshman Roy Zwenermann said. “I played football earlier in the year because I knew one person on the team and they needed an extra guy, but it was great.” 

The flag football championships are finishing up right now with basketball right around the corner in the spring semester. So grab a group of friends and sign up for a team. Even if you don’t win, its a great experience at a university like UT.


One Response to Inevitable Intramurals

  1. msherfield says:

    Forget the Big 12, this is intramurals brother. Dan Hawkins, and his intramural-like Colorado football team jokes aside, intramurals are great at UT, and I have had the pleasure of playing in soccer, softball and basketball teams. It was a great, if short, experience.

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