Rec Sports During the Break

December 7, 2009

To keep you informed and ready for anything and everything Rec Sports, you have to know about reduced hours and class schedules. 

As I sit in Bellmont 348 at the moment watching one person stretch on the mat, it plagues me to think about why this facility is open instead of the Rec Center at 6 am, but nonetheless, it has given me a chance to blog. The reduced hours started this Saturday and run through January 17 (the day before spring classes start). 

Bellmont, Anna Hiss and the Rec Center do have significant closings because of holidays, but have no fear. Gregory Gym is only closed December 24, 25, 31 and January 1 so you will still have a gym if you are sticking around Austin for the holidays. 

You can check out the hours for finals, December, Christmas, New Years and January here.

Also remember that cycling and TexCercise classes are different too. Check out the hours here and here.  

And for all of those seniors out there that just graduated let me say congratulations. Now, make sure to take advantage of these free facilities while you still have the chance. After Tuesday December 15, all graduates are no longer allowed into Rec Sports facilities without purchasing a membership or a guess pass — and those are $10 a pop.

Consider this your friendly reminder before I have to throw you out of a facility for a faulty membership. Well, I won’t throw you out but I really can’t let you in, so make sure you use this time wisely.


Gregory versus The Rec Center

November 24, 2009

So the great question that runs rampant throughout the UT campus is which facility should I use to workout? People have their preferences for many different reasons and whether it is location, crowdedness or just ignorance to other gyms, the Rec Sports facilities host over 90 percent of the student population — and that’s a good thing.

I asked a few people whether they preferred Gregory or the Rec Center to workout or do various activities and I also asked if they had heard about any other facilities on campus like Bellmont, Anna Hiss, etc. 

The results were somehwhat split, but a recurring theme was that many peopel preferred the Rec Center to workout because it had less people and preferred Gregory for other activities like basketball, swimming and requetball. 

Of course the Rec Center does not have any swimming facilities, but many preferred Gregory for basketball because of the greater variety of gyms and competition. And of course, as I suspected, most have never been or heard of the other smaller facilities. 

Above all, it doesn’t really matter where you workout, just get out there and get that heart racing before the holiday eating season. 

I blog about Rec Sports at UT. Let me know your favorite facility and why in the comments. 

Cycling for Your Life

November 23, 2009

Spending as much time as I do at the Rec Center, I have observed all activities and I have to say the most challenging and sweatiest workout is group cycling.

Its also the most popular. 

The Rec Center has the only cycling studio on campus and any student or member can participate if they purchase the group cycling pass.


The pass is only $40 a semester and if you purchase the combo pass that includes TexerCise classes it is only $100. 

“Cycling is just part of my weekly workouts,” JV Vong said. “Its worth the money.” 

There are 13 different cycling classes you can choose:

Group Cycling:  For all participant levels. (beginner – advanced)

Group Cycling Express:
A 45-mintute group cycling class for those on the go.

Power 40:  designed for those who are short on time but high on motivation over their lunch hour (beginner – advanced)

Endurance Ride: A 60-minute class that involves cardio challenges, hills, varying speeds and resistance, and endurance segments. (beginner – advanced)

Endurance Ride PLUS: A 90-minute class for the weekend warriors out there. 75 minutes on the bike plus a 10-minute stretching segment. This class ends with 5 minutes of pure relaxation.

Cycle 40/20/20: Great for those who are looking for a complete workout! Cycle for 40-minutes, do 20-minutes of upper body exercises, and finish with 20-minutes of core and flexibility work. (beginner – advanced)

Cycle + Abs: A 40-45-minute cycling workout followed by 15-minutes of great abdominal exercises. (beginner – advanced)

Cycle + Pilates: A great cycling workout on the bike – followed by a Pilates segment to lengthen and strengthen your entire body. No previous Pilates experience necessary. (beginner – advanced)

Cycle + Sculpt: Combine the best of both worlds and reap the benefits of a cycling class infused with sculpting and group strength exercises.

Cycle + Upper Cuts: Complete a great cycling workout and finish up with some amazing upper body exercises to tone, strengthen, and define.

Cycle + Yoga: Get a great cardio workout and follow it up with a yoga segment. The perfect combination for a complete mind/body workout! (beginner – advanced)

Hill Ride: This class will focus on hill specific movements and will challenge and improve your lower body strength and cardiovascular system. Shake up your cycling routine and try this class! (beginner – advanced)

Speed & Interval Ride: Consists of fast flats, standing and seated runs, and intervals galore! (intermediate – advanced) 

And be prepared to sweat because the classes are challenging and although it is a group class, you can set your own personal speed and rate that fits how you feel. Just remember to bring a towel and water bottle to every class and arrive at least five minutes early because they fill up fast. 

“It is the most intense workouts I have,” senior Myrna Rombado said. “Looking in the room it seems easy and basic but its not like an ordinary bike ride. The instructors are intense too.”

UT Rec Sports Off Campus

November 10, 2009

Concluding our tour of UT Rec Sports Facilities away from the norm of Gregory Gymnasium, we take you off-campus to what is another workout room secret.

If you are willing to drive a little north.

The Commons Building at the Pickle Research Center is a quaint building that once again is populated mostly by elderly patrons, most of which work out at Pickle Research Center doing research or other work for the university. 

There is a small weight room with a few cardio machines and a small dumbbell set for basic workout moves. There are also two table tennis tables and a nice air conditioned gym for basketball, volleyball and aerobics classes. There is also an open field for running and soccer for dedicated patrons during the extreme Texas weather. 

Like Bellmont and Anna Hiss, PRC is low-key and not crowded. Parking is open for anybody with a UT permit. 

To get there from campus, take I-35 and exit 183 North. Exit Burnet Road and turn right on Burnet. PRC is on your left across from Sonic.

So once again, if the crowd has you down at Gregory or even the Rec Center, find your way to PRC for some physical activity. 

I am writing about UT Rec Sports 

Clay Madsen Recreation Center

November 9, 2009

Round Rock, Texas may not sound like the most affluent city when it comes to fitness. But as a city that is on the outerskirts of Austin, one of the fittest cities in America and home to Dell, one of the leading PC affiliates in the nation–you definitely think twice about what this town has to offer.


Clay Madsen Recreation Center in Round Rock, Texas.

The Clay Madsen Recreation Center is a thriving place in Round Rock that provides many fitness options to its citizens of all ages. Currently the rec center has two full size gymnasiums, a six lane, 25 yard lap pool, four racquetball courts, a cardio/weight room, meeting rooms/kitchen, game room, and babysitting available for all of their memebers.

Along with these great amenities, they also have personal training services for reasonable prices ($30 for a one-on-one hour long session), free bootcamp training, jazzercise and group exercise activities. Some of the tailored classes include Core Power Yoga and Mat Pilates–not your average classes for a recreational center.

But the beauty of a place like this, is that it is provided by the city–people who want to help you and your family. With the family in mind, Clay Madsen rec center understands that children are a priority, so they provide babysitting as well as after school programs and summer camps.

In the time that of the holidays, the rec center has special family events as well. Saturday, Nov. 14th, they are hosting their  Eighth annual “Rockin’ Around the Holiday’s Bazaar.” Admission is free and over 90 vendors are currently signed up to display their arts, crafts and jewelery. Christmas Family Night is another big event put on by the recreational center. This year, the event falls on Dec. 11th at 6:30 p.m., and will be held in historic downtown Round Rock.

If you would like to register to participate in these fitness classes or events that were listed, please go here.

To get directions refer to the map below!


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