Big D in Dallas

As I strained my neck to see the ball soar through the air at Cowboys Stadium, I couldn’t help but mutter a prayer, and a curse for Jerry Jones, under my breath. It was all on the line: an undefeated season, a national championship game, an agonizing post game interview where we try to find out why Colt McCoy decided to have a stroll out of the pocket as time expired. And I pretty much missed it, thanks to the aforementioned JJ.

While practically every stadium in the country allows us vaunted members of the media on the field for the final 5 minutes, the Cowboys do not, meaning I was watching the biggest moment of Texas’ season over a crowd of supremely pissed reporters under the bowels of Jerry’s new stadium. I thought the kick was wide, the Texas-friendly crowd cheered wildly, the TV, on a 7 second tape delay, showed it was good by thismuch and I was able to take a breath before suffocating. Close one. As a sidenote, I would have linked to my story, but thanks for having a server problem. You’re about as reliable as Texas’ interior O-line.

Now for something fun:

See Vince run into a crowd of people? The guy in the white shirt that he is closest to is The Daily Texan reporter who came down from the press box for the final five minutes. That should have been me Saturday! Anyway, latent bitterness aside, what a game. Texas, and myself, are going to the Rose Bowl on January 7th for the national title after the most ridiculous of 13-12 wins over Nebraska.

If the NC game is anything like Saturday night, or January 4, 2006, for that matter, I recommend a steady diet of low cholesterol foods, no caffeine or anything that could clog your arteries, because you’re going to have your heart in your mouth for a good 4 hours. You’ve been warned.

Back to the game. What a display by Ndamukong Suh, who might be the most athletic person to grace college football in, well, ever. At 300 pounds, Suh looked like the strongest, fastest and smartest person on the field.  I think we can  assume he ate his vegetable growing up. He also had this icy, assasin’s cool to him in the post-game while his head coach was blowing up over the clock controversy. He’s just cold blooded, let’s move on before I get flashbacks to him throwing McCoy like a sack of potatoes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our detours into Texas football. It’s not exactly fitness and outdoors, but it’s close enough, and who wants to read another gym review anyway? See you in Pasadena.


One Response to Big D in Dallas

  1. brandonfried says:

    The stadium is very, very impressive. But I will say the fact that the entire seating arrangement is set up with, well seats does nothing for us spoiled Texas fans who are used to benches and enjoy moving around the enjoy the games with all of their friends. End rant.

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