Gym essentials

So you’re getting a head start on your New Year’s resolution and hitting the gym if first on the list. Before you start comparing different gyms, first you need to suit up.


By far the most popular shoe seen in gyms is the Nike Shox, or really any Nike shoe. Another popular shoe (that I sport) is the Under Armour shoe which comes in three different shoe fits. The shoe fit is by far the most important factor when choosing a shoe because the wrong fit could end up causing you more harm than good. Another tip to keep in mind is the cost. Try not to go below $100 because then you’ll start to sacrifice the quality of the shoe. Now for those interested in cycling, you have two options: You can either use a regular cross trainer or running shoe, or you can splurge and get a cycling shoe that clamps into the shoe stirrups.


You can wear anything to your heart’s desire. While some feel more comfortable in a free t-shirt and shorts, or a Nike jumpsuit, as long as you’re comfortable moving in them and not having to adjust, then whatever goes is fine. Just please don’t go skimpy, I’m talking to the guys too. But, if you’re a cycler, then the shorts above might be the answer for you. Anyone who has taken a cycling class can tell you how uncomfortable those seats can get, but these fantastic shorts will prevent you from ever feeling that because of the added cushion in “that” area.


These babies are only necessary for those into weight lifting. This excludes the assisted weight machines ladies and gentlemen. You can opt out of getting these, but then you’ll risk callouses on your hands that will take forever to go away.


Bags, the things that hold it all together. Aside from school backpacks, I’ve noticed that girls tend to carry totes to gyms, like the silver one above, and guys (when they do bring bags) tend to bring the little bags, like the black Nike. But why not support UT and getting represent with their duffel bag?


4 Responses to Gym essentials

  1. Cassandra H says:

    Thanks Lonny, really liked the post. Any excuse that I have to go shopping is always great for me.

  2. Bill Bowman says:

    You should add water! Can’t get a good workout in if you are dehydrated!

  3. msherfield says:

    Nalgeen bottle: priceless. I’m sure Bill knows plenty about drinking lots of fluid at the Brew blog, right? Anyway, nice breakdown of the gym essentials, now good luck not getting anything stolen at Gregory.

  4. zeshan javed says:

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