Get Jacked Not Fit 2009

As this semester and this blog wind down in a fiery ball of finals, national championship runs and and more finals, I leave thee, dear reader with a parting gift.

No, it’s not my press pass to the game or my tickets to Passadena, so stop asking. Instead, it’s a workout to help you wade through the Christmas feasts and the midnight runs to Whataburger and/or Kerby Lane that fuel your studying.

It’s called, as you might have guess from the title, “Get Jacked Not Fat 2009”. Very down to the point. So here we go, courtesy of Zepeda Performance Systems:

Workout A: 5-step circuit. After each circuit, rest for two minutes. Do 3-5 circuits, depending on how much you feel like punishing yourself.

Start with  a front squat/push press, 4-6 repetitions at whatever weight you can handle.

swiss ball lateral roll (explained)- 4-6 repetitions

Chin ups: 10 repetitions

Swiss ball side crunch: 4-6 repetitions

Swiss ball jackknife: 4-6 repetitions

The swiss ball is an awesome device, as this workout tries to show. Get accustomed to it.

Lateral roll:

Do this circuit 3-5 times.

A second workout, recommended t break up monotiny and work different muscles, follows.

Start with the Romanian Deadlift 4-6 repetitions at a weight you can handle.

With a medicine ball, kneeling shoulder press, 8 repetitions

Then a set of Mogul squats: as many possible reps in 20 seconds

Back to the swiss ball for push ups, 8-10 reps

And end with the Tornado Chop 30 reps, to work the abs.

That’s a lot of links, but somone has to decode these workout terms. Hope that helps in getting some work done in between those tests and holiday shopping. Enjoy.


One Response to Get Jacked Not Fit 2009

  1. Pretty cool workout. I think I’ll try it out.

    Jake Bellonzi
    an Austin Personal Trainer

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