Football Fever

So the following post has little to do with calories, carbs or Frisbee, but it does involve fitness and it did take place outdoors, and is thus germane.

Saturday night was a historic one in college football as Texas quarterback Colt McCoy won his 43 game, more than any quarterback ever before him. Now fear not dear reader(s), this is not a fanboy post dripping with burnt orange pride.

As an accredited member of the media, I’ve been covering Texas football all season for  The Daily Texan, a mostly legitimate student newspaper. As such, I’ve had the task and the privilege of traveling across the span of the country, and Oklahoma, to report on games in Wyoming, Missouri and the aforementioned “state”.

While waking up at 6 a.m. for a flight to Denver and drive to Laramie (right, where?) with an impromptu fog attack in between, and driving 26 hours in a weekend to Columbia and back were previously the highlights of this endevour, last night now probably takes the cake.

Hearing a whole stadium chant McCoy’s name in appreciation of the last four years was pretty special. Standing right next to him, and Bevo, and the UT cheerleaders,  as he completed his victory lap was even better.

Thanks to aaronisnotcool from flick

As members of the media, we get to go down on the field for the last few minutes of the game. In this case, we witnessed a whole bunch of celebration, including a dog pile of very, very big men at midfield, and McCoy firing Smokey the cannon and banging Big Bertha. You can read about the game here.

Thanks to aaronisnotcool on flickr

For those who need filling in, Texas is now 11-0 and two wins (against A&M Thursday and Nebraska on December 5th) from a potential national championship game in California. See you there?

Back to the fitness aspect, in a desperate attempt to establish some sort of relevance for this post, these players represent the pinnacle of athletic achievement. And most of it comes through hard work. Mack Brown (here I am name dropping) wastes no chances to tell us about the 6 a.m. workouts he puts his players through on a weekly basis, the hours in the weight room, the meals missed and calories counted.

But they’re not perfect. Sometime-starter at running back Cody Johnson has a well-chronicled battle with weight, which cost him his starting spot at the beginning of the year. But after dropping 20 pounds, mostly by avoiding his mom’s cooking and a rigorous work out schedule, Johnson has run his way into 12 touchdowns this year, most on the team.

So if you need a little inspiration to keep going, just think of Cody Johnson. Pretend he’s behind you and wants to eat you, that’ll keep you going.




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