Austin City Council passed “Ciclovia”

On Thursday, Austin’s City Council voted for Austinites to have a different type of fitness event–a ciclovia, a Spanish word meaning “bike path.” The event, which was voted to take place in May 2010 as part of the Bike Month festivities, is described as a “motor-vehicle free event that connects runners, skaters, and cyclists.

Other places that have enacted ciclovias in their area include Cleveland, El Paso, Chicago, Portland, Miami, New York City, San Francisco and Wayne County, Mich. However, this type of event is extremely popular in South America. The event originated in Colombia–every Sunday and holiday, the main streets are rid of all cars, so that citizens can use any other forms of transportation. From 7 am to 2 pm, runners, skaters and cyclists are known to take over the streets.

As part of this resolution, the City Manager will work with the community to build this event, but to also encourage future event of this nature that will encourage public health and cycling.

Currently, there are no plans as to an official site where the event will take place or how much road will be cut off for the event.

First, they need to round up volunteers and get help from neighborhoods, says Nadia M. Barrera, Bicycle/Pedestrian Project Coordinator.

What do you think about this event? I can see the traffic already! Let me know in the comments!

Cassandra writes about fitness in pop culture and north Austin. If you have suggestions let her know in the comments or email her: CassandraHdz AT


3 Responses to Austin City Council passed “Ciclovia”

  1. Tim says:

    Hmmm…not sure. I feel like we already have a ton of cycling-type events. And if they decide to cut off major roads or streets it could be a huge problem. But if Austin gave the city enough early warning, it might be manageable. However, the city hasn’t been very vocal in the past about giving advance warning about events in the past, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. lonnyca says:

    I would soooo do this. I can’t even imagine an area without cars.

  3. Grant says:

    This sounds really cool! I’ve still got my bmx from grade school I would love to ride. Hopefully I can make the modifications to make a side hack by then –>

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