Review: Planet Fitness


Photo by Planet Fitness

When I first heard of Planet Fitness offering monthly rates as low as $10.00 (plus tax) per month with no contract, I immediately thought that there was no way that this could be true. But sure enough, I seen the ad on the homepage in big yellow letters.

There is, however, the dreadful catch:

  • Start up: $39.00
  • Annual Membership Fee $29.00
  • Membership can only be used at the 1100 W. Anderson Lane Austin, TX gym.

Nonetheless, even with the fees added up, the cost is still less than the gyms I compared in last week’s post. I did some additional digging on Planet Fitness, and found out that they have Pizza parties the first Monday of every month (a strange choice of food to serve at a gym, no?).

The strangest thing I discovered was its Judgment Free Zone policy. Basically, for those guys and gals who like to grunt and drop their weights, this gym is definitely not for you. In New York, a man had his membership revoked for grunting. Also, beware of the “lunk alarm” which goes off when someone violates the no grunting, weight dropping rule. Oh, and don’t even think about lifting dumbbells heavier than 80 lbs. They don’t house it.

Other things prohibited on the gym floor include: no cell phone use, no jeans, do rags, bandannas, or skull caps, no short or revealing attire.

Yeah, there seems to be a lot of restrictions at this gym. A little to much to me, but check it out and see for yourself.

Check out the video below to hear what the lunk alarm sounds like.



6 Responses to Review: Planet Fitness

  1. Cassandra H says:

    Great work Lonny! I think this gym is definitely taking the extreme in this case. If only they had one of these sirens in the high school gyms when all the “buff football players” would show off!

  2. jennifer says:

    I too have been intrigued by the $10.00 a month fee and ended up on the Planet Fitness website fascinated by all the rules and food parties. Strangest gym concept ever – but if it works for some people I guess it’s a good thing!

  3. Lake Louise Nutrition says:

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    Review: Planet Fitness « Fitness and Outdoors…

  5. Tammy says:

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