Temptations to avoid in crunch time

With the semester winding down rather rapidly, late nights of studying and writing are inevitable. And just as the clock turns into the wee hours of the morning, many of us are in need of a caffeine and/or sugar boost to get us through those last ten pages of reading or 200 more words in a paper.

The holiday season is already a dangerous time of year for people who are trying to stay healthy or who are in the midst of a diet and the late nights and awkward time gaps to grab food or an energy boost can leave some of us with a little extra weight to work off during the new year. 

So how can you avoid this? Along with daily excercise I have found my top 5 places to avoid during the so called “crunch time” of school that can add a lot of problems when you try on your Christmas sweaters or dresses you haven’t worn since last year. 

Disclaimer:  These are by no means a scientific list of the most unhealthy food/drink spots around Austin. Just the top five that came to my mind. 

Here we go.

1.  Tiff’s Treat’s Brownies

They are delicious, big, chocolaty and a rush of sugar that is hard to turn down the second you catch a whiff from one, but do the best you can. They are extremely rich and like most sweets, it is very hard to just have one bite. If you must wander in to their store, try to only order one or two cookies max. Anything is better than that giant brownie. 

2. Mrs. Johnson’s Donuts

I know Grant and the Night Owl bloggers did a great post about this Austin treasure but I’m giving them another shout out. Don’t get me wrong, I love their donuts. They are probably the greatest donuts I’ve ever eaten and that is the problem. Especially if you are like me and live within walking distance of their glorious stand. Its the perfect recipe for a late night craving and diet destroyer.

3. Five Guys Burgers 

With crazy schedules and time restrictions, grabbing a burger on the way to study is usually a go to food to provide energy while also ending the growling in your stomach. I’m a big fan of their burgers but they are costly on the healthy end. A regular cheeseburger and fries from their is 840 calories so do your best to make a sandwich.

4. Starbucks

I am such a hypocrite as I write this with a grande white chocolate mocha beside me. Starbucjs is great and a stable around the world but their drinks can add up on the calories side. A grande frapuccino is 240 calories. If you need some caffeine, go for tea or even regular black coffee for an improvement. 


5. Chipotle

Everyone’s favorite and convenient burrito shop. And while it is a filling meal, a chicken burrito is 1065 calories. That is more than half the recommended 2,000 calorie diet. 

Like anything, all five of these are fine in moderation, but if you find yourself indulging a little too much during this stressful period just look for a healthier alternative.


4 Responses to Temptations to avoid in crunch time

  1. Erin Harris says:

    I like how you offered alternatives to these indulgences. I can do the tea instead of coffee thing, the sandwich instead of a burger thing, but please don’t make me feel guilty about eating a few bites of Tiff’s scrumptious brownies during finals time!

  2. Wow, you really just took the fun out of some of my favorite places to eat! But you’re right, that food is bad for studying and for my waistline. I have to at least stay sexy until March for spring break!

  3. You should read the book “Eat This, Not That.” It lists popular restaurants and what foods on the menu are better for you than others. They even have a section that shows a healthier way to eat Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

  4. Austin Ries says:

    Of course these are just suggestions and quite honestly I’m not very good about avoiding these treats either. You can eat them but make sure you exercise some brevity.

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