More food stuff

Because we haven’t talked enough about food, I went and consulted with a nutritionist last week to give us more to talk about.

When it comes to fitness and food, it boils down to a few key things, I was told by Dr. James Nabb, who was gracious enough to answer some emails.

Once you get past the very basics (be aware of calories, fats, no trans fats), he gave me a few simple tips to pass on:

Eat about 5 times a day. Make sure you eat breakfast, it really is the most omportant meal of the day.

“You need protein to jumpstart your metabolism,” he said. “Fruit, milk and oatmeal is perfect.” Eggs are good too, but don’t go overboard on the omelets (yum).


Protein, yum, is the key to getting your metabolism going.

From there, it’s important to keep eating regularly to maintain your metabolism. A nut and fruit bar should get you to lunch, where you do your best to avoid the temptaion and ease of a drive through.

Once you turn down  McDonald’s for that sandwhich and water instead of Big Mac and extra large Coke, you should eat a little something to get you to dinner. Avoid eating too late, keep it light.

The important thing is to keep a consistent rate. Starving yourself for a few hours than gorging isn’t going to get you very far. It’s also important you don’t eat too little. Studies have shown that your body will go into starvation mode if it doesn’t get enough calories, during which it will horde whatever it can get to keep you going.

To get more info on nutrition, check out for a bunch of news and resources to eating better.


2 Responses to More food stuff

  1. Leigh. says:

    Sometimes I disagree with the advice of nutritionists (I know, gasp)…I just think sometimes “healthy” for one person maybe is not the same for another, ie: vegetarians. Every time I’ve ever taken a nutrition class or done research on what “experts” say, I find that they spend a lot of time labeling foods as “bad” or “good” when really things are not so clearly defined.

  2. Adam Aldrete says:

    Good post, have you by any chance read Body for Life? It provides some good prospective and ideas for a healthy lifestyle. The basic premise is “eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

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