The Great Outdoors

Today was supposed to be about some more healthy eating, but it’s way too nice outside, so let’s ditch the kitchen and talk about what Austin is all about: the outdoors.

Particularly, there are a few places around town where it’s impossible to avoid the throng of runners and biker.

When it comes to scenery, the Lady Bird Lake area is about as nice as it gets. And when the weather is in a good mood, like today’s clear skies and 70s range, it’s pretty much calling your name.

Lady Bird Lake Trails

Courtesy of (CC) Larry D. Moore

Little did you know, the Lady Bird Lake Trial is one of the oldest hike and bike paths in Texas. It gets its name from former first lady Lady Bird Johnson, who took a special interest in the lake front, championing a 1971 effort to restore it from its dirty, weed-infested state.

But don’t try to tackle it all at once. The trial spans a little over 10 miles, so it might give you a little more than you can handle.

Once you’re done working up a sweat, head over to Barton Springs (while you still can) and hop into the 68 degree water.

If you want to keep dry, there’s always the recently reopened ZilkerPark, fresh from its ACL, dilo-dirt incident. We hear the smell is gone.

Looking for a challenging bike trail? Look no further than the many Greenbelts that can be found around town, a complete list of which is available here. My bike-enthusiast roommate swears by them.

That’s all for today, go out and enjoy the sun while it’s still here.


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