Free Workouts!!

…via your school library. In my case, The University of Texas in Austin. For those of you longhorns who wanting in on these workouts, check out the Student Health Service Lending library at the SSB; it’s the first doors on your left when you walk in the SSB.
If you want to check out what’s in, click here. Just be sure you have the name of the DVD in mind, or you can just type in words like pilates, cardio, yoga, etc.

If the workout DVDs seem a bit dated to you, or you’re just too lazy to leave your room (shame on you), then go to exercisetv where they stream free workouts. I’m pretty new to the website, but it’s pretty easy to navigate through. If you scroll down to the bottom, all the workout categories are listed AND the site distiguishes between full and short workouts.

Here are some others sites to try out: Fitnessmagazine, Sparkpeople

Happy searching!


One Response to Free Workouts!!

  1. Lauren says:

    ExerciseTV is great because they constantly update and change their workouts so you never get stuck in a fitness rut, oh and did I mention that it is free?!?! totally awesome.

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