Discovering Rec Sports Facilities: RSC


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We’ve all been there. After successfully talking yourself into turning off the T.V, changing clothes and lacing up the Nike running shoes, you make your way to the infamous Gregory Gym eager to workout. 

Unfortunately, everyone else on campus always has the same idea.

Cardio machines are full with a 30 minute wait, dumbbells are missing and you have to slam quarters down to call a weight bench. A workout that should take an hour turns in to two hours because the line for a machine is longer than the line for fried butter at the State Fair. 

Don’t panic. Don’t pack up your gym bag and head for the door discouraged. There are plenty of other places on to workout, you just have to know where they are.

The Division of Recreational Sports has three other gyms on campus and one gym off campus for all students and members who are ready to workout and stay fit starting with the Recreational Sports Center south of Texas Memorial Stadium.

So, head back out that door and walk down the hill toward DKR and make a right at San Jacinto Boulevard till you get to the PTS guard station and you will find it. Don’t be scared. In fact, the RSC has everything you need for a great workout from cardio machines to free weights and more. Just ask the Activity Supervisor at the front desk for directions and he or she will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. 

So what does the RSC have to offer?

Built in 1990, the RSC features a quality weight room with 23 cardio machines (including elliptical, treadmills and stair masters) dumbbells, barbells and all kind of free weights. There is also a stretching mat with medicine balls. 

And the best part. No wait.

“I come here because there is never a line at machines,” senior Justin Stanley said. “I can get in and out quickly and it has everything I need.” 

The RSC also has eight racquetball courts, two squash courts, two basketball courts, a volleyball quart, table tennis, martial arts, aerobics rooms and the only spinning studio in Rec Sports (which I will blog about later). You can also check out almost any equipment you need to participate in any activity the RSC offers. 

So the next time Gregory looks like Best Buy the Friday after Thanksgiving, use your resources. Find a gym that you can workout in without the stress of waiting or of a crowd. 

P.S. Another interesting fact; the RSC hosted the Democratic National Debate in 2008 with Obama and Clinton.


9 Responses to Discovering Rec Sports Facilities: RSC

  1. Cassandra H says:

    Austin, I really like this blog. I thought at most UT had two gyms. A lot of people only usually use Gregory and I didn’t even know about RecSports until my third year. I think that it is good we get a student’s perspective out there on the physical activities offered on campus that isn’t from another UT web site. Keep it up!

  2. Leigh. says:

    this week, there should be no one in the gym: it has been way too beautiful outside.

  3. My favorite gym on campus is Rec Sports. Gregory is ALWAYS crowded! Besides Rec Sports always host events (preview week, workshop classes on eating right,etc.) The only thing I don’t like about Rec Sports is that they don’t have any pools.

  4. Grant says:

    You guys should see if there are any good boxing gyms around town. I like to box as a work out because it’s such a great cardio work out and only takes 20-30 minutes, but the boxing bags and the Rec are terrible. I have my own bag, but I haven’t had time to put it up.

  5. msherfield says:

    Thanks for giving away the best workout spot on campus, I’ll expect it to be Gregory-style crowded from here on out. All jokes aside, it’s good to see someone letting people know where all of these facilities are, since UT doesn’t really seem to care if we know about them, nicely done.

  6. Erin Harris says:

    True, I’ve had some more luck with the RSC, but I still can’t depend on it. Another way to make use of it is by taking Texercise and spin classes. There’s a whole room upstairs with stationary bikes!

  7. Akuya says:

    Thanks for this…it says it all …and very well.

  8. […] as much time as I do at the Rec Center, I have observed all activities and I have to say the most challenging and sweatiest workout is […]

  9. […] asked a few people whether they preferred Gregory or the Rec Center to workout or do various activities and I also asked if they had heard about any other […]

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