Review: Work Out: One-on-One Training with Jackie

I literally just finished my workout with Jackie Warner’s  DVD. My arms feel like lead, and I’m drenched. It just comes to show that even if one can’t afford the $100 plus per hour personal training session with her,  her $12.99 DVD is no disappointment.
You can personalize three available workouts-upper body, lower body, and abs- to what you feel like doing on any particular day. You can choose to do all three, two, or like I did, just one, the upper body. And you can even play them in any order. Each workout lasts 20 minutes with a warm-up, four sets containing strength and cardio, and a cool down.
Here’s a clip of what I did today.

The Work Out is perfect for all athletic levels; so if you’ve never lifted a dumbell in your life or are a gym rat, then this DVD is for you. Throughout the workout, Jackie will say how you can adjust each set to your level. This was especially beneficial to me, because I had to use a 10lb dumbbell as opposed to my usual 5lb. That was no joke, 10lb is clearly not the new 5lb.

Safe to say, I will definitely be doing this again. This is a 5 stars out of 5.

One Response to Review: Work Out: One-on-One Training with Jackie

  1. Wow, I didn’t know Jackie had a workout DVD. I remember watching her show on Bravo. I always wanted to look as toned as her, but I just cant seem to give up my sweet tooth. Since you give her DVD a 5 out of 5 I just may have to try it. Where did you find Jackie’s DVD?

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